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What makes us prefer one brand over another?

When it comes to finding an answer to this question, many arguments need to be discussed, like price, quality, or familiarity. But as a marketer, it becomes essential to think about what makes your brand irreplaceable.

For everything in life, we have choices. What we chose indicates a decision made. We can’t always buy everything, and if we buy more of something means that we have made this choice, but why? Do you remember the feeling when you have your first Starbucks or Ben & Jerry's? What makes us walk through the section where they are without thinking?

Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

Even though today's consumers are so picky to shop, most of them stuck with the brands which can't be irreplaceable. Here's the interesting part, how can we be so closed to innovation although we think ourselves pick and learned? Obviously, we love what they give us, like status or self-image, but they are not essential, right?

So all of these questions bring one idea to my mind. The one we look for is comfort! We are addicted to COMFORT!

If everyone buys the same product, they might know something. Whenever I want to eat ice cream, I don't have to decide where because my feet are already there. When I need to wear a pair of jeans, the complete look is waiting for me just a click away.

So here is the deal. Apart from the rules of being a brand that attracts people like a habit through marketing and advertising, there is also something that matters: comfort zone. Comfort carries a sense of ease and peace of mind during a shopping experience.

Make your offer in a way that provides comfort zone for customers. Then, in time, they will become more trusting and loyal towards your brand, because it is now in their comfort zone.

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