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Sustainability as a part of brand identity

Winning your customers hearts comes first, everything else falls in its place afterwards. Even if sometimes it seems like an impossible task, it comes down to crafting your brand identity rigorously. Let's delve in the topic more by asking a few questions around the topic first.

We know that the way to make any consumer happy is to know and understand them. Don't we all spend most of our time trying to understand our customers' expectations and building long-term relationships with them?

For a moment, forget about the relationship between the customer and you, and focus on meeting at a more common point and goals. Imagine you want to make the relationship last longer, like a friendship. If we want this relationship to be long-lasting, we have to maintain the world order we are in today, right?

At this point, we come across the concept of sustainability, which means ensuring continuity. Well, what does the concept of sustainability, which we encounter in almost every field, tell us, and what does it pledge?

To put it in a nutshell, sustainability-based strategies create a win-win situation in the sense that brands own their responsibility to make their contribution in the efforts of overcoming socio-economical problems both for themselves, their brand's future plans and for their customers.

I would like to talk about a sustainability-based move that is still ongoing since last year. That move has inspired many marketers, including me. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed many lives, at its least our habits; and one such habit is wearing face masks in our daily lives. However, this necessity encouraged many fashion companies to design their masks sensibly and in a sustainable sense. Those brands produced organic face masks to show their stance about public health awareness. Instead of just producing and selling these face masks we already had to buy, they made us feel considered by showing concern about our health in this vulnerable period.

Campaigning for the same problems with the customers means growing together with them for the brand and at the same time building some sort of a friendship with people beyond classic customer relationships. In that case, sustainability is one of the main aspects that is important to the process of determining brand strategies.

For sure, profits through sustainable oriented strategies for a brand are not limited to only this.

Perhaps the most distinctive outcome of adopting sustainable strategies is establishing a brand's own values during the process. All of these values are written on the name of the brand like the credentials are written on our identity.

Nevertheless, brands need to maintain their identity consistently, develop their identity and build relationships accordingly just like every individual does in society.

To answer all these questions we pondered above, there is only one thing to remember: customers want to form a bond with your brand. They want to know where you stand in society, which values you promote through your company, how you approach environmental issues, what is of utmost importance to your brand. If your brand matches some part of their identity and/or the one identity they strive for, they will prefer your brand over all the others.

Now, do your own continuity assessment in terms of sustainability oriented strategies, and always keep in mind that this assessment is vital to the future of your brand.

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