BIG Yatırım Bursa

BIG Yatırım Bursa is a real estate consultancy firm in one of the biggest industrial cities of Turkey, Bursa. They were on the market since 2012, serving their clients with their unique selling proposition which is a buyback guarantee they offer, for the land they sell to their clients, after one year with a 20% profit. Thanks to that offer they established a very profitable real estate business over the years.

When our paths with BIG Yatırım Bursa crossed with us, as DigiBros Agency, they already decided to turn their business digital and offer their services to a broader audience. We instantly understood each other's needs and started to work on founding a fruitful strategic partnership.

First, we build them a mobile-compatible, responsive brand website. We showcased their lands in-demand, specify their services, state their unique selling proposition and put a clear call to action button. We build a live chat function and an exit offer. For lead generation purposes, we created an inbound form which offers “a FREE customized real estate investment proposal”. And that form generated over 400 quality leads in just 2 months!

Digital Advertising &Lead Generation

After finishing their brand new website we started conducting a digital advertising &lead generation strategy.

Our talented copywriters did a great job turning prospects into clients with the engaging copy! With the help of high-quality photographs of the lands, our dedicated graphic designers created beautiful artworks. Combining art & copy we ran profitable digital advertising & lead generation campaigns, generate quality leads and help them close deals.

We are still happily working together with BIG Yatırım Bursa and help them grow their business and give them consultation about the latest trends on digital marketing & advertising world.

Project Team

Dogancan ‘Doc’ Ertas – Digital Strategist & Lead Copywriter
Fırat Sivrikaya – Lead Web Developer
Kaan Erdem – Account Manager  
Ipek Ozel – Art Director

Quality Leads Generated
Lands Sold
Hours Worked for the Project