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To the Future, Digibros’ sustainable, profitable growth approach. Together; derives its strength from the transformation we will create and our belief in cooperation.

A step to the future


Ventana Concept


Istanbul, Turkey


eCommerce Web Design




Geometric eCom Growth System™ 





Curtain & Fabric





Ventana is a tailor-made international curtain store with a unique minimalist style. Ventana was launched in 2020 and has become a rapidly growing curtain brand.

Digibros Agency started working with Ventana from the very beginning. With our branding and identity consultation, their brand was built from a scratch, including logo design.

The online presence was enhanced by building and designing their Shopify store and website at the world’s one of the most powerful web building sites for eCommerce.

Digibros provided them with an eCommerce growth consultation. This consultation led them to start influence marketing to boost their social media growth and recognition.

Ventana now has a fully customized, fully integrated, and powerfully working website due to their request to offer a custom shopping experience for their clients.

Our growth consultation has resulted in $60K per month in sales organically. With our marketplace consultation, the sales are being made over their website, social media, and their Etsy store. On their online stores, Ventana started offering different payment options and this is an important factor of the increase in their sales.

Creating the Ventana brand and seeing it grow rapidly, having $60K monthly sales and a powerful eCommerce store is what makes us feel proud.

Executive Summary

The challenge was creating a custom-made curtain order process. Ordering curtains is a complex process even offline, putting the custom order process online in a simplistic way was challenging. We put our time into it to create a beautifully crafted and easy-to-use custom measurement process.


How Digibros Agency Helped

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

“For a year, we worked side by side with Digibros Agency to entirely digitalize and customize our brand, where we established an intense pace of good relations and good communication. After we got our work digitized, we became a more profitable brand.

When it comes to digitalization, the address that I always recommend is Digibros Agency. The new retail eCommerce system that we had, made my life easier. Instead of being tied to the shop, throughout the day from anywhere I can check my customers' requirements and orders, and follow up the delivery process.”

Caner Özcek, CEO of Ventana


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