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To the Future, Digibros’ sustainable, profitable growth approach. Together; derives its strength from the transformation we will create and our belief in cooperation.

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Istanbul, Turkey


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Over $60.000



At Derminix, they strive to make dermatologically tested beauty formulas accessible to all women. They aim to offer a unique brand and shopping experience, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, to present pampering and rejuvenating products accessible to every woman.

Digibros helped Derminix build a visually effective website which is one of the most important pillars for an eCommerce business.

High-quality pictures of their products were taken and designed the product's package to have a visual appeal. For Derminix to reach a higher customer base, Digibros helped the company enter the most prestigious marketplaces in Turkey.

Social media for an eCommerce business is crucial, so we are handling their social media to improve their social presence. We make sure the shared content is high quality and consistent with their brand identity

Digirbos turned the very new cosmetic brand Derminix into a rapidly growing and profitable eCommerce company with a strong brand identity.

By providing 360-degree marketing consulting, the brand reached customers at all possible points of contact.

Initially, Derminix products were released to the Turkish market. Digibros and Derminix are currently working on putting the products on the UAE, Azerbaijan, and European markets. The goal for the future is to expand to the global market.

Derminix is a rapidly growing cosmetics brand. Following their launch in early 2021 they invested in digital marketing and branding. They are now getting 50-unit sales every day over online channels.

Executive Summary

The cosmetic industry is a crowded place. A brand like Derminix which just entered the marketplace was hard to get into people’s minds. Partnering up with a huge retail brand was challenging.


How Digibros Agency Helped

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

“Partnering up with huge retail brands was challenging but rewarding. Now we have a locally known rapidly growing sustainable cosmetics brand.
After getting consultation from Digibros Agency they are now getting more than 50-unit sales daily over online channels.”

Doğancan Ertaş, Digibros Agency CEO


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