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To the Future, Digibros’ sustainable, profitable growth approach. Together; derives its strength from the transformation we will create and our belief in cooperation.

A step to the future



Gifting Company


Tennessee, USA


Branding & Web Design

Product Launch

Email & Facebook Marketing


Geometric eCom Growth System™





Personalized Gifting 





GiftOrange is an online gifting experience store with the goal to become the world's first treasure hunt-themed online gifting store. GiftOrange provides an amazing gifting experience and personalized gifts.

Digibros built a delightful eCommerce shopping experience for Giftorange’s customers. Their brand was established as a cheerful brand. With storytelling, Digibros helped their story to be spread across many channels. 

Digibros built an effective website, worked on digital marketing including email and Facebook marketing.

Helped them test their idea with A/B testing in order to determine which page performed the best, thus built different landing pages. 

Thanks to the A/B testing Digibros and GiftOrange were able to determine the products that performed the best. The testing was performed under a limited budget, under this factor being able to determine the best performing product was a success for both parties. 

The outcomes of the A/B testing are a guide for GiftOrange to create those products and establish one of the biggest gifting experience stores in the world.

When we started working with GiftOrange, they were not sure how to map their journey and establish themselves as an online gifting experience store. Digibros is proud to be able to help them in their journey with a limited budget. 

Executive Summary

GiftOrange as a new company had no following, they aimed to test out the concept. Digibros helped them accomplish this. 


How Digibros Agency Helped


“We at Digibros worked to create a fun and cheerful gifting brand. GiftOrange had a limited budget but our planning and strategies worked very well bringing the most effective outcomes for GiftOrange to become the biggest gifting experience store in the world.”

Doğancan Ertaş, Digibros CEO


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