Ege Şarküteri

Ege Sarkuteri is a local supermarket, which is located on a site next to Bilkent University, Ankara. The owners rebranded and relaunched the supermarket back in March 2018 after thirteen years of success.

They approached us and asked the build their digital presence by building a website, setting up social media accounts as well as creating digital marketing strategies and executing them.

We have been convinced that the supermarket has a huge potential to serve the customers in Bilkent neighborhood, which is home to tens of thousands of residents and students.


Our first task was to build an interactive, engaging and user-friendly website for their business.

As they offer delivery service, one of the most important goals was to put call-to-action buttons on the site in order to get the viewers to call Ege Sarkuteri with a touch on the screen. In addition, we implemented a chat service, so that they could collect orders via text and respond instantly.


We delivered the website in 2 weeks as a complete solution to all of their needs. Here are the outcomes of the project:

  • The website was built to be SEO friendly due to our precise content writing.
  • We created the website to be responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Call-to-action buttons were evenly distributed all along the website so that the viewers could easily call Ege Sarkuteri to submit their orders, without being overwhelmed.
  • The specific products to be showcased were discussed with the owners, and the respective sections and pages were created.
  • We organized a photo shoot so that the products such as meat, dairies as well as fruits and vegetables could be showcased in the most professional way.
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ) section was created.
  • Messaging service was installed and activated.
  • The site was linked to the social media accounts of the supermarket.

The website was welcomed with high satisfaction and it is currently at the service of Bilkent residents.

Digital Marketing &Advertising

As DigiBros Agency, we planned a disruptive digital marketing strategy for Ege Sarkuteri, according to their high flying goals and bright vision.

We created a solid Facebook & Instagram SMM strategy and comprehensive Google Ads strategy.

Setting this aside we created effective digital copy-led advertising. In addition, we designed eye-catching short animation video ads to inform prospects about products and services of Ege Sarkuteri and to excite them about their quality and timely operations.

With the help of A/B tests and results from the analytics tools, we are continuously optimizing the ad campaigns with our data-driven approach.

Project Team

Dogancan ‘Doc’ Ertas — Digital Strategist & Lead Copywriter
Fırat Sivrikaya— Lead Web Developer
Kaan Erdem — Account Manager & Digital Strategist
Hilal Erdem —Brand Image Consultant
Dilge Sevil —Social Media Specialist