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What is The Geometric eCom Growth System™ Workshop?

The Geometric eCom Growth System™ Workshop is a 10-week, PLATINUM COACHING & MENTORING WORKSHOP, Where We Will Help You Develop A Long-term Successful eCommerce Strategy, Generate Leads, Increase Your Revenue, And (Best Part) Never Run Out of Content Again…

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In 10 weeks you’ll learn about all the trade secrets to increasing traffic, sales conversion rates, and boosting brand awareness through The Geometric eCom Growth System™

The 3 Elements for The Geometric eCom Growth System™ Workshop

  • Increasing the number of customers

  • Increasing the average order value

  • Increasing the repeating order frequency of the current customers.

What will the program give me?

The 10-week program unlocks access to trainings and coaching to transform your business. You will create a system that never runs out of content that attracts new buyers and delights existing partners.

To achieve that, we'll have weekly calls and share PREMIUM resources and videos.

We've broken down all the essentials into a comprehensive weekly schedule to help transform your business. Skip all the unnecessary empty business talk, and build your company without the headaches and costs of doing it wrong. 

Elements included:

  • eCommerce Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Branding: Story Brand Transition

  • Copywriting for Website & Products

  • Social Media Content Planning

  • Hyper Organic Growth Strategy

  • Crafting Offers, Bundles & Packages

  • Finding Out Upsell & Cross-sell Opportunities

  • Mobile Project Management to Track Progress & Tasks

  • Integrating Data Analytics Tools to Website

  • Data Analysis Consulting

  • Integrating CRM with Your Website

  • Building Social Media Content Management System

  • Building Email Marketing System

  • Email Copy & Templates Creation

  • Setting up Facebook Ads to Generate a Consistent Stream of

  • High Value Customers

  • Welcome Email & Email Drip Campaign Consulting

  • Social Media Advertising & Marketing Strategy

  • Social Media Ad Management & Consulting

  • Search Engine Marketing Strategy

  • Ad Copywriting

  • Delivering Your Customer Services with Automated Systems

  • Campaign Optimization & Scaling

It's inevitable that your business will face challenges, sooner or later. Through this deep step-by-step workshop, we'll teach you how to take advantage of all these elements as tools and tackle any obstacle your business will face, before it's even happened. 

And all of this begins with building a strong foundation to your business strategy... 

Focal points of The Geometric eCom Growth System™ Workshop:

  • Online Go-To Brand Transformation (Simple steps to transforming your company's vision and mission)

  • Hyper Organic Strategy (Attract new customers without dropping a penny)

  • Paid Growth Accelerator (Grow your brand's awareness with many creative opportunities)

  • Geometric Growth Through Content (Help your customers take action)

We've invested a lot in developing The Geometric eCom Growth System™ and it has helped our clients go beyond their expectations. Our next Geometric eCom Growth System™ Workshop is open for enrolment, reserve your seat now to start building your business the right way. 

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What are you waiting for? Book your seat for the webinar today because they are LIMITED! You don't want to miss this, trust us.  

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